Fortnite May Have Come to Android Phones But I am Sticking to PUBG

When I started playing PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battleground) on mobile there wasn’t a moment of doubt in my mind that I was going to enjoy this game — as millions around the world already are. The interface, the gameplay and also the graphics really bring out the gamer in you (even if you are not).

Fortnite, another battleground survival game that has a lot of fans on the PC and iOS platform has made its way to Android as it was confirmed by the company’s CEO, Tim Sweeny at the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 launch.

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Since, there’s lot of hullabaloo around Fortnite coming to Android, I tried the beta version of the game of the same to see what’s the big deal with this game many are calling “the PUBG killer”.

It’s All About Collectibles

One of the most important aspects of the game and one which is quintessential for survival is how soon and quickly a player can salvage collectibles like weapons, armour and health.

Fortnite on Android

Fortnite has what people would call a ‘very hostile and aggressive’ way of collecting resources. By resources I mean; wood, stone and metal. You can use the same to build structures, fortresses, etc in the game to withstand attacks against enemies and erect vantage points. And, what do you get to collect these resources? A pickaxe!

One has to go on rampage mode and break just about anything in the game to collect the resources (cars for metal, houses for stone and so on).

Just like in PUBG, Fortnite too is a survival game.

Players get access to weapons and ammo in various locations on the map but types of guns are limited.

I really didn’t enjoy all the scavenging and breaking up everything. It gets tiring and boring. Let me just enjoy the thrill of killing, survive through levels and win.

PUBG on the other hand keeps things very simple. Just collect weapons, medical supplies and ammo, kill other players and survive! And get a ‘Chicken Dinner’ as a reward.

There are already many structures on the island where you can hide and also use them as sniper points, which is the way I like it, simple.

You need to collect resources like wood, stone and metal to build structures.

The Gameplay

PUBG is more closer to reality in terms of gameplay whereas Fortnite feels overly animated. I know video games are supposed to project scenarios that take the gaming experience beyond reality but a shooter-cum-survival game on mobile needs to add the real-life element.

Playing PUBG was engaging and kept me going for hours. Can’t say the same about Fortnite.

Control options in Fornite will be tough to get used to. 

Kids especially teenagers would love Fornite for the game’s mystic characters and avatars which you can customise and alter.

Avatar modifications and customisations in PUBG look more like an apparel shopping application where you get shirts, pants, glasses and shoes for you avatar. The addition of wacky masks has made things interesting though.

Fortnite offers multiple game modes

I felt the gameplay experience on Fortnite is too convoluted and not that gripping. Many players might just lose focus while collecting resources and manoeuvring through the landscapes.

PUBG sticks to the point and lets the players focus more on finding other players to kill and surviving till the end.

As far as transportation is concerned, there are a lot of points in Fortnite’s map which lets you ‘fast travel’ or teleport to other parts of the island whereas PUBG let’s you drive vehicles like cars and bikes on the island.

I loved the bit where you can run the other players over! The only place where road kills get you rewards!

One of the most irksome thing about Fortnite is that there is no running lock feature which keeps the avatar in the running mode. You have to manually place your finger on the display to make sure the avatar is moving.

PUBG on the other hand comes with a run-lock feature which keeps the game’s character in motion, giving players the time to scroll around the map to explore the location.

Fornite will bring out the engineer in you. 

Fortnite is not available on Google Play Store and can only be downloaded from the Epic Games’ website via an invite for which you have to register. PUBG on the other hand is a free-for-all game which just needs an Android phone with decent hardware to run.

Fortnite brings a lot of speed, cool characters and flashy gameplay for the millennial generation. It can give people a window to explore their creative side with its in-game building engine and gives you the feeling of a fantasy world .

PUBG is more like the real deal survival battle game. The gameplay might slow down in certain bits but still is very engaging and one of the best online multiplayer Android game right now.

So if you’re still going gaga over Fortnite coming to Android, just a forewarning, it might not be as fluid as what you get on your desktop.

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