Fortnite hits the highest number of gamers this August

Shuvrajit Das Biswas

Fortnite hits the highest number of gamers this August

21 Sep 2018: Fortnite hits the highest number of gamers this August

Fortnite is already one of the most popular video games available across platforms.

However, Epic Games, the studio behind Fortnite, is not resting on its laurels.

It is, constantly, updating and improving the game. Both the content update and performance improvement have helped Fortnite acquire new users.

According to the official website, this August was the biggest month with 78.3 million gamers playing Fortnite.

Success story : Consistent hard work is Fortnite's success mantra

According to Epic, it has 'hardened and scaled' the systems of Fortnite.

This improved infrastructure can accommodate the increasing number of players, that actually began since its famous Summer Skirmish.

Coupled with the feverish pitch that the game reaches every time it nears the end of a season, Fortnite was bound to see a spike in the number of gamers.

Epic's message : Love makes Fortnite strong, criticism makes it unstoppable

The record high of 78.3 million gamers in August is laudable, but what makes it more impressive is Epic used this to monitor its servers' performances.

It identified weak points and made specific changes to the servers of Fortnite.

Along with the improvements it has been making since the Summer Skirmish's spectating and performance problems, the game is now better than ever.

Fortnite's future : Onto bigger things for Fortnite

The numbers are already impressive for Fortnite, but we expect them to rise.

Epic has already announced the details for the Fall Skirmish, which will have a $10 million prize and is expected to see a large turnout.

Added to Season 5's mysterious purple cube, and the new Season 6 starting from September 25, Fortnite seems to have smooth sailing up ahead.