After former world’s heaviest woman Eman Ahmed, Mumbai woman Amita Rajani sheds 176 kg

Nithya Nair
This Indian woman who was among the heaviest Indian women underwent bariatric surgery in April for weight reduction.

While Egyptian woman Eman Ahmed has been in news for her weight reduction surgery in Mumbai’s Saifee Hospital, another woman had a similar surgery recently. This Indian woman who was among the heaviest Indian women underwent a second round of bariatric surgery in April for further weight reduction. 440year-old Amita Rajani from Vasai lost 175 kg since her first operation in 2015. Amita chose to undergo both her surgeries the same day (April 2) after which she lost a considerable amount of weight. Earlier she needed four to five people to help her stand but after the surgery, she does her work on her own.

Times of India quoted Amita as saying, “Bariatric surgery has given me a new lease on life. I was over 300kg when doctors in the Pune hospital where I underwent the surgeries weighed me on a platform weighing scale.” The share transfer agent said that her life has changed for the better after the operation. She said, “My life has changed drastically. Until 2015, I was confined to my bedroom for almost eight years as I could barely walk a few steps. Today, I step out of home every day and my mother teases me about it.” Eman Ahmed to leave India! Dr Muffazal Lakdawala finally speaks about treating former World’s Heaviest Woman & her family’s allegation

Amita was even taken to London for consultation but with no effect. Amita kept on gaining weight through her teenage and decided to do something about her body after she was depressed when her father passed away. She said, “It was only after my father passed away in 2014 that I got depressed and decided to do something about my weight.” Bariatric surgeon Dr Shashank Shah who operated on her said that only 7 per cent of super obese people needs second stage bariatric operation. He further said, “These surgeries should ideally help her lose 60% of her weight. Amita should stabilize between 75kg and 80kg in a year.” 36-year-old Eman who used to weigh 500 kg today weighs 176 kg after being treated. (Image Credits- Economic Times)