Former Universal Champion to appear on WWE NXT for USA premiere on September 18?


Bengaluru, September 18: Last week's episode of SmackDown Live from the Madison Square Garden arena in New York City ended in a shocking fashion where one of the most valuable superstars from the roster had to lose his spot. Kevin Owens is the concerned superstar who was unable to perform his duty as directed by the authority, Shane McMahon. As a result, he was fired by the end of the show.
Ever since then, rumours are running rampant suggesting that Kevin Owens may be heading back to the NXT since he can't be a part of the main roster, for now. A cryptic tweet put on by him just after the firing happened, indicated what future-plans are going to be. Additional reports are also available confirming that it's certainly happening that the Canadian star is indeed heading back to the developmental territory.

Starting from this Wednesday night, September 18th, the NXT is set to move to the USA Network which means the presentation will be much bigger. It will officially become the third brand of the WWE after Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live. So there will be requirements for more star powers and Owens will be a perfectly fitting name in these circumstances.
Reports from already suggested that the cryptic tweet posted by Owens was not accidental as they belive it happened according to the plans of WWE. So, that they could use the Prizefighter on the developmental brand from tonight.
"Kevin Owens may be teasing going to NXT, and there's apparently been talk of an appearance on the debut show while he's "fired" from SmackDown Live."

Plus, also revealed that Kevin Owens will be in Orlando, Florida for the NXT TV taping this week. However, there is still no update on whether this shift for the former Universal Champion to NXT will be on a permanent basis. The general belief is that he will be here for a short period just to share his experience from the main roster with the talented youngsters.
Even Triple H addressed the speculations of his former protege's move back to the black-and-gold brand during the latest NXT media call. He said that Owens is a talented guy who will always be welcomed back to the place where he started his WWE journey, a few years ago. The chief of the NXT brand also hinted to break down the barricade between NXT and the other two main rosters as WWE Draft looms in. Here is more on that (courtesy
"With FOX broadcast taking SmackDown and staying with our partners at USA and NBCU, those become two very competitive landscapes. I'm of the opinion that the NXT brand will continue to grow and I think that down the line, you will see. As much as I will say right now, NXT has grown to where it shouldn't be referred to as a developmental brand even though we tend to debut newer stars."

Kevin Owens was the special guest referee for the King Of The Ring tournament semifinal match between Shane McMahon and Chad Gable, last week. Owens was specially appointed to ensure Shane's win. That did not turn out to be the case as Gable won and competed in the final match on this week's Raw. An irate Shane then went on to fire Owens, on the spot. And that was believed to be part of a storyline as WWE wanted to use the former NXT Champion on his home-turf.

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