Former Trinamool MP Dinesh Trivedi joins the BJP; a "Golden Moment"?

Dinesh Trivedi, a former railway minister and a member of the Trinamool Congress, has joined the BJP, the latest in a long line of defections in recent months. The 70-year-decision old's came just weeks before the West Bengal Assembly elections, which are already characterized by a brutal war of attrition between the two political parties.

In recent weeks, a number of current and former Trinamool members have flocked to the BJP. Actor Mithun Chakraborty, a former Rajya Sabha MP for the party, is scheduled to share the stage with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a rally in Kolkata tomorrow. It's also uncertain whether he'll join the party or vote for it. Sitting MPs, state ministers, MLAs, top and leaders, as well as hordes of grassroots workers, have all defected from the Trinamool to the BJP.