Former Sri Lankan Minister Eats Raw Fish to Shoo away Covid Fears around Sea Food

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Sri Lanka's former State Minister of Fisheries Dilip Weddarachchi undertook a bizarre task to urge citizens to keep purchasing fish without the fear of coronavirus transmission.

In a viral video Weddarachchi is seeing biting and eating a slice of raw fish to assure people that fish are safe to consume.

While addressing a media conference at the Opposition Leader’s Office, the former minister reportedly took a bite of the 'fresh, raw' fish and the act was aimed at shedding light on the plight of the country's fishing community, which got adversely affected due to the coronavirus outbreak.

He further said that it was the duty of the Government and the Health Ministry to advise the public in this regard, reports News Wire.

A still of the minister consuming the raw fish was also shared on Twitter by a journalist named Dasuni Athauda.

Not surprising, the video garnered a series of shocking reactions from netizens, who were stunned at the minister's gut. Jokes such as "Sushi on budget" to "Some times politician become viruses" flooded the post.

Earlier, in October Sri Lanka’s main fish market was closed and a curfew widened as a COVID-19 outbreak grows. The government imposed the curfew in parts of the capital and some areas outside Colombo after earlier isolating at least six villages in Western province where the new cluster was discovered.

Health authorities also temporarily closed the island nation’s main fish market after 49 traders tested positive. Hundreds of other traders at the market on the outskirts of Colombo are being tested for the coronavirus. infections have been connected to the cluster first tied to a garment factory and which authorities identified as Sri Lanka’s first community outbreak in two months.

Schools and key public offices have been closed, public gatherings banned and restrictions imposed on public transport. Sri Lanka has reported a total of 5,811 confirmed cases with 13 deaths since March.

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