Former NYPD Intelligence Division undercover officer releases memoir detailing his life and career

Alena Rinwi
·2-min read

Miguel Puig, author and former NYPD Intelligence Division undercover officer, has announced the release of his explosive memoir, Mickey’s Story. Puig was inspired to share the tale of his life and career by his children, grandchildren, and fellow officers. Aside from exploring his own experiences, Puig also seeks to highlight the role of the United States in Puerto Rican history.

In Mickey’s Story, Puig analyzes the influence of Pedro Albizu Campos, a political leader whose death in 1965 galvanized Puerto Rican pro-independence groups, including illegal and clandestine actors. During this time, Puig arrived in the United States and went undercover starting on May 16, 1969 to infiltrate groups involved in the underground struggle for a free Puerto Rico. He recounts not only his past assignments, but also reflects upon the challenges he encountered both on and after the job.

With its political undertones and expert commentary on underground terrorist organizations, Mickey’s Story will resonate with fans of Ken Follet, Tom Clancy, and John Grisham. Puig draws upon his own real-life experiences to add a personal touch to major historical events. Unlike other authors who have covered the same time periods and events, Puig offers insight into the mind of a law enforcement officer tasked with overcoming terrorism.

Readers who enjoy world history will appreciate Puig’s introduction to the development of Puerto Rico, beginning with the pre-Colombian relocation of Indians from Venezuela. Through his work, Puig dissects the battles and struggles of 1960s Puerto Rico from an insider’s perspective. After being a member of these pro-independence groups during his tenure as an undercover police officer, Puig is able to describe not only their habits and actions, but also their mindsets.

Puig’s experience reporting observations and crimes in great detail is evident in his nuanced storytelling. Although Mickey’s Story addresses complex political movements, Puig’s language is accessible and easy to understand. Between his smooth narrative style and the riveting content in Mickey’s Story, Puig is an up-and-coming author to watch.

Miguel Puig was born and raised in Puerto Rico. After serving in the National Guard, he moved to New York City in 1967 to become an NYPD undercover anti-terrorism infiltrator assigned to the Intelligence Division. His first book, Mickey’s Story, is available for purchase on and other major retailers.