Former Bihar minister booked for allowing Bhojpuri film shoot at his premises during nationwide lockdown

FE Online

Lockdown violation: Former Bihar minister and Bharatiya Janata Party leader Vishwa Mohan Kumar has been booked for violating the ongoing nationwide lockdown by allowing the shooting of a Bhojpuri film at his house in Supaul. The shooting was happening at the premises of the former minister’s house in Ratauli village where hundreds of people had gathered, in clear violation of the lockdown which was imposed last Tuesday.

The police said that they had visited the place almost a week ago but then they were told that the shooting had been stopped. However, the shooting continued by keeping the local police in the dark. Giving out the details, Supaul SP Manoj Kumar told Financial Express Online that "repeatedly we were getting complaints and the team was warned many times but they defied the warnings and went on with their shooting therefore the action has been taken".

According to the FIR, the police again received information on Sunday that shooting was happening at the premises of Vishwa Mohan Kumar. Acting on the information, Circle Officer Rajiv Kumar along with other police officials reached the spot to verify the information and found that some children were peeping inside from the outside and the main gate was locked.

After repeated calls from the police, the gate was opened and the shooting was underway. The police said that 50-60 people were present inside the premise of Vishwa Mohan Kumar. The FIR states that these people were not following social distancing as was required during lockdown.

"Present at the spot, former MP Vishwa Mohan Kumar told that shooting was happening at his premises with his permission," the FIR said. The police has booked the former minister and 60 other people for violating the lock down. These people have been booked Under Section 188, 143, 269, 270 of IPC.

So far, Bihar has reported 16 positive cases of coronavirus.