Forget Kangana’s ‘Victim Card’, KJo Has a Whole House of Cards

After extending his Atithi Devo Bhava behaviour toward Kangana Ranaut on Koffee With Karan, the director-cum-show host, Karan Johar played his hukkam ka ikka. He accused Kangana of playing the “victim card” and “woman card” after she criticised him as being a “flag bearer of nepotism”.

Karan just doesn’t know the GDP – Gossip Da Pitaraa – he has a lot of knowledge on dangerous-sounding words like “woman card” and “victim card”.

Dear KJO, we’re not surprised that your command over ‘cards’ is so good because we know that you’re secretly building a ‘House of Cards’.

So let’s take a look at all the cards you’ve got to build your very own ‘trump’ tower.

Desh-Bhakti Kard

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When Raj Thackeray thought he had an ace up his sleeves, he asked Karan Johar to show all his cards before the release of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. Karan, very smartly, played the desh-bhakti card and pleaded with Indians to watch his film.

Pativrata Kard

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Ae Ajay Devgn Hai Mushkil for Karan Johar.

Pyaar dosti hai. Not anymore...

His friendship came crashing down with Anjali aka Kajol when Ajay released his film Shivaay along with Karan’s ADHM. Ajay’s aata majhi satakli when he heard Karan paid Kamaal R Khan to tweet negatively about his film, which, of course, was denied by Karan. And the two BFFs drifted apart. Karan exhibited the culturally strong, Pativrata card, accusing Ajay for this fallout.

Well, kuch, kuch toh hua hai... hum kabhie bhi nahi samjhen ge!

Troll Kard

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Karan Johar Twitter has the most abuse. I wake up to at least 200 hate posts saying, ‘Get out, you’re polluting our nation, you’re dirtying society’ or ‘Shove [IPC Section] 377 up your arse.’ I get this on a daily basis... 

Hhmmm. Karan Johar, you deserve all the Filmfare Awards, but we’re done with you playing the ‘troll card’. You cannot be a victim at every given point and have a sad story to tell about how you’ve been terrorised by the big bad world of online trolls.

Just let it go...

Gyaan Kard

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The director-cum-fashion designer-cum-mentor-cum talk show host-cum-producer-cum-talk show judge-cum-writer aaaandddd now (phew) an author, Karan has decided to give some muft ka gyaan to people through his book, flaunting his filmy wisdom card.

Karan Johar, An Unsuitable BoyTo love someone is such a powerful feeling, because even if you don’t get that love back, you still have it. It could be a weakness, it could be a strength. It’s how you look at it. I look at the love I had as a source of great strength.

Daddy Kard

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Karan has been playing the mentor card for years and should probably not shy away from admitting that Dharma Production is the favourite creche of Bollywood.

So it comes as no surprise that Karan has already played the daddy card even when he announced to the world the birth of his twins, Roohi and Yash.