Foreign governments need to act to wipe out Khalistan separatists: Experts

Pro-Khalistan separatists were responsible for creating mayhem in Punjab in the 1980s and early 1990s.The terror and violence resulted in damage to the economy and social harmony of the state, which before militancy days was known for its vibrant culture. Though India's northern Punjab state is prospering, the pro-Khalistan separatists settled abroad are making attempts to create the disturbance.Experts believe, the foreign nations should act against these separatists as per their laws for spreading anti-India propaganda. Most of the governments are ignorant of the fact that these terrorists, who have a patronage of Pakistan and have monetary support coming straight from the treasury of Inter-Services Intelligence, are misusing their territory.Pakistan has been providing sanctuaries to these perpetrators of violence and relentlessly plotting attacks on the India's sovereignty.With India having an assertive leadership and proactive forces, there seems no likelihood of the resurgence of Khalistan but no country can be complacent regarding their presence.