Footballers donate to resume search for Emiliano Sala's pilot

Sayak Basu

Footballers donate to resume search for Emiliano Sala

11 Feb 2019: Footballers donate to resume search for Emiliano Sala's pilot

Argentine footballer Emiliano Sala's body was found after he passed away in a recent plane crash that happened near the Channel Islands.

However, the body of the pilot, David Ibbotson, has still not been recovered, and tragically, the search has also been called off.

Kylian Mbappe is among various other footballers who have donated money to resume the search.

Here're further details.

Donations: Ibboston's family has asked for donations to resume search

The family of Ibbotson, who have been devastated by the tragedy, have asked for funds on the Go Fund Me website to conduct a private search for the pilot's body.

England football legend Gary Lineker has donated £1,000 for the cause and has also shared the link of the website, encouraging others to come forward as well.

Fact: Here's Lineker's tweet asking everyone to come forward

Search: The search had been called off on January 24

The official search which was being carried out for the two who were caught in the wreck was called off on January 24 due to bad weather.

The search was only resumed, albeit privately, after Sala's agent requested funds.

£324,000 was collected to resume the search for Sala's body, which was later found.

However, Ibbotson's body was not found in the wreck.

Comments: Comments from Ibbotson's family

While launching their appeal, Ibbotson's family said, "We are trying to come to terms with the tragedy and the loss of two incredible men."

They further remarked that it was extremely painful to be told that the search had been called off when the body of their loved one had still not been found.

They added that they wish to put Ibbotson to rest.

Kylian Mbappe: Kylian Mbappe has donated a large amount

Kylian Mbappe, who had earlier shown his generosity by giving away all of his earnings from the World Cup, also rose to the occasion and £27,000 anonymously for the cause under the name of Elie Lottin.

Given the tragedy, it's quite astonishing that many footballers, for whom a few thousand pounds is pocket change, are yet to stand up for the cause.

Fact: Ibbotson's family has raised half the required amount

At the time of writing, £150,289 of the £300,000 requested by Ibbotson's family had been raised. Since the request for funds was put up, 8,697 people have donated to get Ibbotson's body home.