Football quiz: Premier League managers when they were players

Paul Campbell
  1. Which current Premier League manager won the Champions League as a player in 2004?

    1. Daniel Farke

    2. Frank Lampard

    3. Ralph Hasenhüttl

    4. Nuno Espírito Santo

  2. David Moyes signed his first professional contract with Celtic at 18. In which country was he playing when Celtic offered him that deal?

    1. Northern Ireland

    2. Iceland

    3. France

    4. Portugal

  3. Pep Guardiola won the European Cup in 1992. He played his last game in the competition a decade later, in September 2002. What was the score?

    1. Arsenal 5-0 Brescia

    2. Real Madrid 2-0 Barcelona

    3. Roma 0-3 Real Madrid

    4. Panathinaikos 1–0 Barcelona

  4. Guardiola also had two stints at Brescia towards the end of his playing career. He did not score many goals, but he did convert a penalty in each of his two seasons at Brescia. Who was the club’s regular penalty taker at the time?

    1. Gheorghe Hagi

    2. Andrea Pirlo

    3. Mario Balotelli

    4. Roberto Baggio

  5. Nigel Pearson captained his club to victory in the League Cup final in the early 1990s. Which other current Premier League manager did he come up against at Wembley that day?

    1. Frank Lampard

    2. Ole Gunnar Solskjær

    3. Sean Dyche

    4. Steve Bruce

  6. Steve Bruce did not win the League Cup in 1990-91, but why was that a special season for the Manchester United centre-back?

    1. He won his first and only cap for England

    2. He won his first and only cap for the Republic of Ireland

    3. He scored 19 goals

    4. He captained Manchester United to their first league title in 26 years

  7. Where did the Southampton manager, Ralph Hasenhüttl, end his playing career?

    1. Barcelona reserves

    2. Borussia Dortmund reserves

    3. Bayern Munich reserves

    4. Real Madrid reserves

  8. When Harry Redknapp took over as Portsmouth manager in 2002, the first player he signed was Eddie Howe. Howe spent two years at the club. How many games did he play?

    1. None

    2. Two

    3. 100

    4. 250

  9. For which club did Mikel Arteta first play in the Champions League?

    1. Rangers

    2. Everton

    3. Barcelona

    4. PSG

  10. Carlo Ancelotti only scored one goal for Italy. What made it special?

    1. It was in a World Cup final

    2. It was on his debut

    3. It was on his 35th birthday

    4. It was on his 50th and final cap


1:D - Nuno was the substitute goalkeeper for Porto, who were managed at the time by another current Premier League manager: José Mourinho. , 2:B - Moyes was only 15 when he was offered the chance to move to Heimaey, a tiny island off the south coast of Iceland. Oli Jonsson, who scouted Moyes, later recalled that he was “a leader on the pitch” even at that age, but he did not take too well to the diet. “I don’t think that he liked the food very much because we had fish very often,” said Jonsson. “Halibut, haddock, lemon sole, he didn’t like it. I don’t think he was very keen on it at all. But he was polite about it and ate it anyway.” , 3:C - Guardiola would not have enjoyed losing 3-0 at home to Real Madrid but the result was in keeping with his experience at Roma under Fabio Capello. In 198 days at the club, he was on the pitch for just 336 minutes. When he returned to Rome for the Champions League final in 2009, he joked: “I know the bench of the Stadio Olimpico better than the pitch.” , 4:D - Baggio was past his peak but Guardiola was impressed, later recalling: "Roberto Baggio is one of the most incredible players I’ve played with. He’d had two operations on his knees and was half-lame, but he was always where I thought he should be. I can’t imagine what he would have been like had he been fully fine and surrounded by good players.", 5:D - Pearson was the Sheffield Wednesday captain the day they beat Manchester United in the League Cup final in 1991. He was voted man of the match. , 6:C - Bruce had a brilliant goalscoring record, especially that season. It’s hard to fathom how a Manchester United centre-back, who scored 19 goals in a single season and would go on to win three Premier League titles and three FA Cups could go his whole career without winning an England cap. Bruce later revealed that he was offered a cap by Terry Venables in 1994 but turned it down. "He rang me and said: 'I want to give you a cap.' I declined. My best mate, Bryan Robson, was Terry Venables’ assistant and he was desperate for me to get a cap. I was close to 35 and I said: 'I'm sorry I would rather not have had an international career than just a sympathy cap.'" , 7:C - Hasenhüttl spent his last two seasons as a pro playing in the third division for Bayern’s reserves alongside youngsters such as Bastian Schweinsteiger and Philipp Lahm. Hasenhüttl was in his mid-30s and he was already showing signs of becoming a manager. "Our bus driver had a tendency to drive fast," recalled the team’s coach Hermann Gerland. “Ralph would run right to the front of the bus and tell him: 'Are you mad? Drive sensibly. I have three kids at home.' It was great.", 8:B - Howe was terribly unfortunate with injuries during his playing career. On his Portsmouth debut, he suffered a knee injury that kept him out for the rest of the season. When he finally returned to action, he played for nine minutes before his knee collapsed again. He would never play for Portsmouth again., 9:D - It was a 1-1 draw at Milan. Nicolas Anelka scored for PSG and Leonardo, now the sporting director at PSG, scored for Milan., 10:B - Ancelotti’s record in football is phenomenal. He has won league titles in Italy, France, Germany and England, as well as five European Cups, yet his only goal for Italy came on his debut in 1981. He would have played in the World Cup the following year, which Italy won, but he was injured.


  1. 2 and above.

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  2. 3 and above.

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  3. 4 and above.

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  4. 5 and above.

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  5. 6 and above.

    Superb. A fine score.

  6. 7 and above.

    Superb. A fine score.

  7. 8 and above.

    Superb. You are football genius.

  8. 9 and above.

    Superb. You are football genius.

  9. 10 and above.

    Superb. You are football genius.

  10. 0 and above.

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  11. 1 and above.

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