These beauty booties remove dead skin – and the results are strangely satisfying

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Looking to soothe and smoothe your dry, cracked and callused feet this summer? We have just the thing.  (Getty Images)
Looking to soothe and smoothe your dry, cracked and callused feet this summer? We have found just the thing. (Getty Images)

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Summer is drawing close, and I'm increasingly conscious of my cracked heels and dry feet, after a long winter indoors. 

I've trialled a pumice stone, exfoliating creams, nourishing oils... even a foot shaver (the less said on that the better), but the results were neither effective nor long lasting. 

Finally, someone recommended Skin Republic's Foot Peel gadget – and everything changed.

Why I rate it 

The Foot Peel is minimal hassle, mess-free, and works its magic without you lifting a finger (or toe). 

 Skin Republic has designed booties, lined with a 'deeply nourishing' exfoliating serum containing 15 plant extracts, including Gingko Biloba, Green Tea and Vitamin E, as well as AHAs, all of which work to remove dead skin cells and calluses, while hydrating and soothing feet. 

The boots are soft and the exterior stays dry, so I could still walk around and get on with my day indoors.

All I had to do was slip my feet into the booties, which have a sticker fastening to secure them, leave them on for up to two hours and then remove. 

This was the sticky part. Once I removed the booties, my feet were a little damp with the residue of the serum, so just as I would with a face mask, I left the solution on until it was fully absorbed. If you're in a rush, you can wipe off the excess serum with a towel. 

Skin Republic advise using the Foot Peel twice for the first month, and then as required, as skin has a four-week regeneration period. 

After using just once, within days, I started to notice the difference, as the hard skin on my feet began to peel away, in a way reminiscent of a snake shedding its skin - gross for some, admittedly, but I found it pleasantly satisfying.

The Foot Peel retails for up to £10, though it's currently on offer for £7.59 on Amazon – an absolute bargain, especially when I've spent up to four times as much on less effective pedicures.  

Salons are now booked up for weeks on end, after being closed during the pandemic – so for summer-ready feet, I will be stocking up on plenty of these before I bare my feet in public.

What the reviews say

Skin Republic's Foot Peel has garnered glowing reviews from shoppers, and if you don't just want to take my word for it, here are what other shoppers have to say.

  • "I put it when I was about to start watching a movie, I left it for 1hour and 45 min and after that day I forgot about it, until 4 days later when my feet start peeling!!! it was so cool to see! After everything was complete my feet felt so soft!!! I will use it again!!!"

  • "Really easy to use. My feel started to peel on day 7 for 2-3 days. It left my feet feeling very soft and ready for summer."

  • "Amazing product!! You HAVE to have the boots on for a minimum of 2 hours for the very best results - which you will see 7 days later. My feet have never felt so soft and smooth!"

  • "I bought this product at the start of lockdown &, after reading the review, didn't expect much. I wore them for the full 120 mins and also put a pair of my own socks on top so the bag was closer to my skin (no idea if that helped). Well within a couple of days my feet began to peel and I used a pumice stone to help with the tougher parts on me heels. It worked amazing and I've recently bought a second one, hoping for the same results!"

  • "I was dubious before purchasing, so got my husband to try it first! After a couple of days his feet had a few little patches but after four days wow! Almost a complete peel, but his feet are really smooth. Wouldn't recommend using if intending to bare feet within a week of using as continues to Peel, I have just ordered myself some and cannot wait to use it!"

Buy it: Skin Republic Foot Peel | £7.59 (Was £8) from Amazon

Also available at Superdrug and Lookfantastic.

Skin Republic Foot Peel
Skin Republic Foot Peel

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