This Food Vlogger Had the Most Hilarious Reactions to His Cheese Fondue Disaster

·2-min read

If disappointment had a face it would have pretty much looked like South Korean food blogger Tasty Hoon. The YouTuber, who runs the channel Tasty Hoon, has gone viral for a recent mishap that happened in his latest video.

In his latest video of Mukbang, Tasty Hoon wanted to complement the fried chicken and other food items with a gooey cheese fondue. However, the excitement soon turned into a disaster when the cheese fountain machine splashed the cheese all over the set-up, surprising the YouTuber.

The situation seemed out of control for the YouTuber as the tragedy unfolded. The fountain machine came apart and the cheese was splattered all over the place. In the middle of it all sat the YouTuber, processing the catastrophe that just took place.

The situation reminded many of the year 2020 where most of us are struggling with a deadly virus and trying to balance our lives around it.

However, the YouTuber did not let the cheese attack stop him from continuing his mukbang. He adapted to the situation and continued eating the crispy fried chicken with cheese that was now stuck to his plate. The molten cheese had hardened but Tasty Hoon’s commitment to food was harder. In the eight minute video, the foodie tries to collect the cheese and set it on the dismantled fountain just for the basic aesthetics. The video has been cracking up netizens, who are watching it for its surprising relatability. As one user commented, “2020 Jan 1st. ‘Okay, this looks nice.’ Every day since, spirals out of control.”

Another user said how the video has become an ultimate source of entertainment, “He's not the only one crying at the end. this is the best thing i've seen all week”.

Tasty Hoon is quite recent to YouTube and this was his third video on the platform. It has definitely made him famous with over a million views on YouTube.