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Eat your breakfast:

The most important part of your daily meals – and one that should be eaten king sized – is the humble breakfast. Unfortunately, it is also the one meal that students tend to skip the most. Your brain and body need energy, especially after a night spent studying and sleeping. Breakfast energises your brain and helps you stay alert. Eat filling and nutritious breakfast items such as eggs, low-fat milk, oats porridge, brown toast and fruits to help your brain function better. Indian alternatives such as poha, idly/dosa and sambar, vegetable upma, paratha and vegetables, are also good.

Diet tips to help fuel your brain during exams

It’s exam season – last minute revisions, tension, stress and the exhilaration of completing the last paper, are all a part of every student’s life. In the midst of all the preparation, food and sleep get tossed out of the window. However, a balanced and nutritious diet will go a long way in ensuring that your body and brain is able to cope with the stress associated with exams. Here is how you can beat stress, increase your immunity and improve your brain power by eating right.