Following are the top foreign stories at 1700 hours

FGN25: VIRUS-UK-SCIENTIST London: A top UK government scientist, who was behind the country’s strategy to impose strict lockdown measures to curb the spread of coronavirus, has resigned after a media report revealed that he broke the rules and allowed a woman he was said to be in a relationship with to visit his home during the lockdown.

FGN24: PAK-AIRFORCE-HINDU Islamabad: In a first, a Pakistani Hindu youth has become the first person from the minority community to join the Pakistan Air Force.

FGN13: VIRUS-US-LD WHISTLEBLOWER Washington: A fired American vaccine expert has alleged that the Trump administration ignored the concerns of doctors over the importation of hydroxychloroquine from 'uninspected' factories in India and Pakistan and flooded the US with the unproven and potentially dangerous anti-malarial drug to treat coronavirus patients.

FGN28: VIRUS-CANADA-SIKH-DOCTORS Toronto: Two Sikh doctor brothers in Canada have made an 'extremely difficult decision' to shave off their beards, an article of faith in Sikhism, so as to wear the medical-grade protective masks necessary to treat patients suffering from the deadly coronavirus in the country, according to media reports.

FGN26: VIRUS-CHINA-POMPEO Beijing: China on Wednesday dared US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to show 'enormous evidence' he claimed to have to prove that the novel coronavirus originated from a lab in Wuhan and said he has no evidence to back up his claims.

FGN12: VIRUS-US-NY-EDUCATION New York: New York state will team up with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to 'reimagine education' by using innovative technology in the wake of the disruption of in-person schooling by the coronavirus pandemic, Governor Andrew Cuomo has said.

FGN23: VIRUS-NEPAL-LOCKDOWN Kathmandu: Nepal on Wednesday extended the nationwide lockdown till May 18 and suspended international flights and cross-border movement with the neighbouring countries like India and China until May 31 to stem the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

FGN20: US-LD H1B Washington: A majority of the US H-1B employers, including tech giants like Facebook, Google, Apple and Microsoft, use the temporary work visa programme to pay the migrant workers well below market wages, a new report has claimed.

FGN14: VIRUS-INDIANS-UAE-EVACUATION Dubai: The Indian nationals cleared by the UAE health authorities and found to be asymptomatic will only be allowed to fly back home in one of India's biggest ever repatriation exercises, the Indian Embassy in Abu Dhabi has said ahead of the first set of flights on Thursday.

FGN11: VIRUS-UN-AFGHAN United Nations: The number of confirmed coronavirus cases suggests that Afghanistan could have one of the highest COVID-19 infection rates in the world, a global migration organisation has warned, voicing concern that the expansion of conflict in the war-torn country is exacerbating the disease response.

FGN10: VIRUS-UN-GUTERRES-VESAK United Nations: Lord Buddha's message of unity, service to others is more important today as the humanity suffers from the COVID-19 pandemic and it is only by working together that nations can stop the spread, recover from the deadly coronavirus, the UN chief said in his message for the Day of Vesak. PTI SCY