The folk artists who hosted Amit Shah will now perform at Mamata's road show

The folk artist who had hosted Union Home Minister Amit Shah over lunch in Bolpur on December 20, claims he is caught a political tussle but Basudev Das has no qualms or hard feelings against anyone. Basudev Das will be seen at Mamata Banerjee's roadshow on Tuesday performing along with several other 'Baul' folk artists. Mamata Banerjee's rally is a counter to Amit Shah who had taken to the street of Bolpur on December 20, a roadshow that he had touted as one of the best in his political career. Basudev Das claims he regrets not have been able to speak with Shah as much as he had expected. He however dismisses his own doubts to empathise that the union home minister had a busy schedule that day. TMC however sees it as a disregard to the artist who had also performed before Shah. The state government has assured to help Das's daughter with further studies. Das in his quintessential style, through folk songs, urges before all that artists can not be appropriated by one or any, that music and his art belongs to people and above politics.