'Focus more on women instead of cows': Beauty pageant contestant to PM

A witty reply by a contestant in a beauty pageant in Kohima has gone viral on social media.

Beauty pageant contestant and PM Modi

When 18-year-old Vikuonuo Sachu was asked a question related to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, her impromptu response created much mirth amongst the audience.

During the Miss Kohima 2019 contest in Nagaland, Sachu was asked what she would do if she were invited to talk to Prime Minister Modi. She replied: “If I were invited by the prime minister of India, I would tell him to focus more on women instead of cows.”

Her topical quip evoked a round of applause from the audience.

She was ultimately adjudged second runner-up, while 23-year-old Khrienuo Liezietsu was crowned the winner.