'Flying' makeshift bat fatally hits 12-year-old student

Mavelikkara (Alappuzha), Nov 22 (PTI) In a freakaccident, a 12-year-old school boy died on Friday after beingaccidentally hit by a makeshift cricket bat that slipped outof the hands of a player, police said on Friday.

The flying wooden makeshift bat hit the sixth standardstudent Navneet on the back of his head while he was outsidethe ground, the police said told PTI.

The boy was going to a tap to wash his hands afterhaving lunch when the bat hit him.

'We came to know that the student died after being hit bya makeshift bat. We have started investigation into thematter,' police said.

A member of the parents teachers association (PTA) ofthe Chunakkara government higher secondary school said thechild became unconscious after the accident.

'We gave him first aid. He was not opening his eyes. Wetook him to a hospital but the doctors referred him to thetaluk hospital, but he died en route,' the PTA member said.