Flyers take note! Delhi IGI airport to install full-body scanners; trials to be completed soon

Yash Shukla
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Body scanners at Delhi’s IGI airport soon! The Indira Gandhi International (IGI) airport in the national capital will soon install full-body scanners for security purposes, learns Financial Express Online. The trial of the full-body scanners have been going on for some time now and is expected to be completed in about 2 months’ time after which the body scanners will be installed at the airport. A total of 69 full-body scanners are going to be installed at the IGI airport, sources told Financial Express Online.

The full-body scanners which are going to be installed use highly developed millimeter-wave technology which is non-intrusive in nature and takes care of the privacy norms and specifications set out by the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security. The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), which is responsible for the security at the Delhi IGI airport has also expressed its satisfaction with the ongoing trials of the full-body scanners.

According to Hemendra Singh, Public Relations Officer CISF, the ongoing trials of the scanners have been largely successful. "Most of the results we are getting are beneficial," Hemendra Singh told Financial Express Online. He further said that the inputs received by the CISF team have been conveyed to the airport authorities and the authorities will take a decision on the final installation of the scanners.

Hemendra Singh also said that initially, the CISF team had discovered some technical issue with the machine while scanning the ankle part but that issue has also been resolved. He further said that during the next two months, the CISF will further analyze the full-body scanners and fine-tune the machines so that they can provide the best results.

Earlier, the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security had asked all the airports in the country to install full-body scanners in order to make the security system at the airports robust. BCAS had also given the standard specifications about the scanners to the airport authorities.