Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor fight: Boxing legend says he has done his bit; waiting for UFC approval

Bryan Rodrigues
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The highly-anticipated big money fight between undefeated boxing legend Floyd Mayweather and UFC star Conor McGregor has been in talks for a long time now.

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In a recent interview, Mayweather said he has done whatever he could do on his part, but is still waiting for UFC's approval. Conor McGregor is under contract with the UFC and cannot fight for any other franchise without the approval of UFC president Dana White.

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"I can't say if it's going to happen. It's all up to the UFC. I've done my part. I'm just waiting. If they want the fight to happen, let's see. When it comes to money, of course I'm always thinking business. But it's about entertainment. It's a very, very entertaining match-up" Mayweather was quoted as saying.

McGregor is currently on a break from fighting as he prepares for the birth of his child which is due in May. However, that's not stopping him from pursuing the big ticket fight with Mayweather.

Meanwhile, UFC President Dana White, who was for the fight initially and offered both fighters $25 million each, has now gone back on his word saying McGregor's next fight will be inside the octagon.

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McGregor has not fought for the UFC since he defeated Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205 and is desperate to square off against Mayweather in what will be the biggest ever pay-per-view fight in history. But White has other ideas as he wants to set up a fight between McGregor and the winner of Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson who are set to clash at UFC 209.

White and McGregor have not issued a statement since Mayweather's comments, but there is still some hope for all the fans out there who want the fight to happen. McGregor's coach, John Kavanagh, said in a recent interview that his next fight will be against the undefeated boxer.

"I can't answer that because I'm not privy to all that's going on. It seems like its coming. When or how definite, I don't know, but it's looking more likely. And the two guys seem to want it and they're making moves towards it, but I won't lie, I don't know is the short answer."

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"There seems to be a lot of steps to get over with various commissions involved and different promotions involved and so on and so forth, but it's a fight that's getting more and more momentum every day and more and more people want to see it. So if you ask just me, my personal uneducated opinion on it, I would say that I believe it's gonna happen."

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