Florida Man Fined Rs 20 Lakh, May Lose Home Because He Forgot to Mow His Lawn

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Staring at the foreclosure of his house, a man in the United States has termed as “outrageous” a $30,000 (over Rs 20 lakh) fine authorities imposed on him over his untidy lawn.

Mowing the lawn is one of the most tedious chores there ever was. However, an unmowed lawn could end up costing a man his home.

Staring at the foreclosure of his house, a man in the

A man in the United States has been slapped with an “outrageous” fine of a $30,000 (over Rs 20 lakh) imposed on authoritoes because he failed to keep his grass restricted to the lengths allowed by the city.

Jim Ficken owes the city of Dunedin, Florida, nearly $30,000 and is at risk of losing his home because he can’t pay the fines that “accrued while he was away in South Carolina for nearly two months last summer, tending to his deceased mother’s estate,” The Washington Post quotes a lawsuit filed by the 69-year-old retiree against the city.

The town imposes fines of $500 per day on homeowners whose lawn grass is longer than 10 inches, according to Tampa Bay Times.

“It’s an excessive fine, and everyone I’ve spoken to says it’s outrageous,” Ficken said while addressing a press conference outside his house.

Fickens’ attorneys have contested the Dunedin’s Code Enforcement Board’s claims that they received complaints from his neighbours about his yard’s appearance.

After the city moved to foreclose on his house, Ficken filed a countersuit against the city and the Code Enforcement Board members, asking for $1 in nominal damages, coverage for attorney fees and injunctions, so he doesn’t have to pay back the $29,833.50 fine.

In his lawsuit, Ficken has said while he was away, he hired someone to mow his grass, but that man died suddenly. He further claims that upon his return he couldn’t tidy up the yard himself because the lawn mower broke down.