Floods cause havoc in Manipur

Imphal, July 29 (ANI): Due to incessant rains in Manipur, water is flowing above the danger level in most rivers and some parts of the state are flooded.

Rising waters of Lilong, Nambul, Waisel Maril, Chakpi and Thoubal River crossed the embankment and flooded some parts of the Imphal city.

Flood waters have not only made commuting difficult but have also entered people's homes in areas like Uripok, Lamphelpat, Lamsang, Nambol and Langol Grace Colony. ast tracts of agricultural land have also been submerged in the floods. Thousands of acres of paddy fields and fish farms have been destroyed.

The affected areas include villages on the outskirts of Imphal and Bishnupur.

"Many farmers who were running fish farms have been severely affected by the floods. Fishes worth lakhs of rupees, have escaped from the ponds. Several houses have also been flooded in water," said Priyokumar.

"Many fields and farms have been flooded. I think income will be reduced by about 40 percent this year. It is worse than last year," said Indrajeet Singh.

The State Government has set up two relief camps in the region at Tammi Chingmi market.

The government has also provided Bamboo mats to the people who are rebuilding the embankment that has been breached by overflowing rivers.

"The water is flowing above the danger level. More than 1000 hectares of paddy fields have been submerged. We urge the private organizations and the government to help us. Many displaced families have taken shelter at government relief camps," said Biren Nongthobam, a villager at the relief camp.

"Being an MLA of this region, I have opened two relief camps, one at the Tribal village and another in Thangtek. I am here to deliver relief materials especially food items to the relief camps for the affected families," said K Sarat Singh, MLA, Konthoujam District.

Recently floods in Assam left more than 2 lakh people homeless. A total of 197 villages and 5.7-lakh hectares area were affected. The worst affected was Lakhimpur. (ANI)