After floating corpses, bodies found buried in sand in UP’s Prayagraj

Prayagraj (UP), May 16 (ANI): Days after corpses were spotted floating on the surface of Ganga River in UP and Bihar, multiple bodies have been found buried in sand at Prayagraj’s Sangam area. However, there was no confirmation if these bodies were of COVID-19 patients. “People used to bury the bodies in sand and it comes up when the wind blows. Crows and dogs used to eat them. People have stopped taking bath here. We appeal from the government to look into the matter. There are approx 500 bodies and now they are visible,” a local said. Incidents such as these have sparked fears about the scale of the COVID crisis in the country, especially in rural areas. Authorities believe the relatives of those who succumbed to the virus, may not have been able to find space for the last rites.

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