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Top 10 most expensive cities to fly from

No. 71: Oman
Average cost per 100 km: $33.54
(Photo: Andrew Moore/Creative Commons)

Flights originating in Canada among world’s most expensive

If you ever feel like you’re paying way more for plane tickets than people in other countries, it’s not all in your head — a new survey shows Canadians pay more than 80 per cent of the world.

Online travel agency Kiwi.com released its annual ranking, looking at the cost of air travel in 80 countries. Based on the cost of travel per 100km, Canada was among the worst 20 countries for economical air travel.

The rankings were calculated looking at the average cost of short haul and long haul flights on both low-cost and full-service airlines. Domestic travel was analyzed by looking at the cost between the country’s capital to as many as five other cities within the country. International travel looked at all international airports within a country, calculated for travel to several international hubs.

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