Photo-Sharing Passions

Flickr is much more than a repository of photos, from the beautiful to the bizarre: a sunset off the coast of Maui, a hairless dog, a blissful bride. It’s a far-reaching community of 51 million registered members eager to share and interact. Flickr captures the daily life of people across the globe as they share, communicate, create, organize, and explore with images and video.

The Global Picture

The Flickr community ranges from ultra-active photographers running the show, to occasional participants dropping comments and tags, and lurkers watching behind the scenes. Collectively, they make up 20 million unique U.S. visitors (nearly 80 million worldwide) spending an average of 2.7 minutes per visit on the site. The Flickr world is abuzz with action, with thousands of photos uploaded every minute (about 4.5 million daily).

See how members are participating by taking the Flickr tour, get inspired by reading the Flickr blog, and witness the marriage of technical and creative power by checking out apps that Flickr members developed at The App Garden.

Join the Community

As an advertiser or marketer, you can now harness the power of Flickr’s wide-reaching scale, target the audience you want, and engage its social community by inspiring Flickr members to be a part of your brand’s experience. To reach the Flickr audience, learn about pertinent Yahoo! solutions such as targeting solutions, Right Media Exchange, and rich media.

Key audiences: Men 18–34, Affluents
Related products: targeting solutions, rich media, Right Media Exchange

By the Numbers

Unique Visitors Page Views
  • 20.6 (MM)
  • 415 (MM)

Source: comScore Media Metrix, U.S., August 2011
Tips for Marketers

Yahoo! has helped businesses succeed in driving results by attracting audiences that regularly visit Flickr—Millennials, Men 18–34, and Affluents. Consider these suggestions for your creative messaging.

  • Engage members with ads relevant to their Flickr experience—cameras, consumer technology, travel, organizational tools.
  • Appeal to their interests: Gaming, video, sports, and entertainment are part of Millennials’ daily lives. Entertainment, sports, finance, and news are high on the list of interests for both Men 18–34 and Affluents.
  • Extend your each with mobile for these on-the-go consumers.
  • Use fun and function in your approach to messaging. For all three groups, that’s what the Internet is about.

Advertising & Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Flickr Homepage: Engage members instantly with the first ad they see on Flickr. (Roadblocks available; does not feature expandables or overlays; video must be user initiated.)
  • Photo Pages: Align your ad placement with striking images.
  • Search Page: Get high-volume reach—millions of photo searches are conducted daily.
  • Upload Page: Take advantage of upload downtime, and catch members’ attention while they wait. (an opportunity for Rich Media–enabled video)
  • Groups Main Page: Capture users as they manage their Flickr groups. Sponsors can also drive traffic to their own groups.
  • Sponsored Groups: Create a home for your brand on Flickr with an interactive sponsored group. Target and inspire members with a call-to-action rally, compelling them to join the group, share relevant photos, and create buzz around the brand.
  • API License for Sponsored Groups: Extend the impact and reach of a Flickr sponsored group. Inspire lasting user engagement by feeding group members’ photos onto your own branded sites by using Flickr’s open code.