Flag march in Ahmedabad displays religious unity and brotherhood

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Feb 01(ANI): A long strand of saffron, white and green ran through the streets of Ahmedabad as people of different communities celebrated the 72nd Republic Day of India. Organised with a motive of symbolising religious harmony and communal amiability, the flag march was carried out by the people of the district’s Jamalpur area. More than 150 people of different religious communities gathered for the flag march. The citizens decided to make a 72 feet long Tricolour flag to mark this year’s Republic Day celebrations of India. Citizens gathered at the Jamalpur Darwaja in Ahmedabad and took the march from some of the major attractions of the city like Jagannath temple and Christian Tekra. Last year, a similar march was carried out in the Ratan Pole area near Gandhi Road in the city of Ahmedabad to deliver the message of communal harmony. It is due to examples like these that the world looks at India with awe and wonders how the second most populated country in the world resides with such great unity and diversity.