Five WWE characters which were inspired by real people

Sayak Basu

Five WWE characters which were inspired by real people

15 Nov 2018: Five WWE characters which were inspired by real people

WWE fans have always loved a well-developed character who stands out from the rest.

Some WWE characters became famous from day one while others took time to catch on.

Most of these characters were penned down either by McMahon or his writers, but some have been based on the lives of real people.

Here are five WWE characters which were inspired by real people.

Nation of Domination: The Nation of Domination was inspired by Malcolm X's organization

Nation of Domination, one of the strongest factions in WWE during the 1990s, was founded by Ron Simmons.

The group was based on the Black Panther Party, and more on the Nation of Islam, the Muslim organization in the United States during the Civil Rights Movement years.

The Domination saluted with fists in air and became a sign of true power in the WWE.

Rob Van Dam: RVD's gimmick was based on the great action star

Rob Van Dam was a hugely successful wrestler in WWE, and TNA.

He was even named the greatest star in the Extreme Championship Wrestling.

His character is taken from the famous action movie star Jean-Claude Van Damme since these two look uncannily similar.

And it was also profitable to base a wrestling gimmick on one of the most famous action stars ever.

Stone Cold: Story behind Steve Williams turning into 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin

Stone Cold is the most popular character, the WWE has ever managed to come up with.

He is a hell-raising Texan rebel, who is loud-mouthed, a drunkard, and someone who always manages to rub people the wrong way.

The name and the look were suggested by Austin himself and he was inspired by serial killer Richard Kuklinski, also known as 'The Iceman'.

John Morrison: John Morrison took inspiration from the great rockstar Jim Morrison

John Hennigan has been in the wrestling circuit for a long time.

He has had various nicknames, but his most popular gimmick till date is surely John Morrison.

This flamboyant rockstar character is based on singer Jim Morrison of the 1960s rock band, The Doors.

Hennigan also looks eerily similar to his inspiration, and thus was able to portray the role quite successfully.

Oklahoma: WWE's Jim Ross was imitated and mocked in WCW

Jim Ross is one of the most respected personalities in professional wrestling.

He was the voice of the WWE for a long period of time.

World Championship Wrestling decided to imitate his personality and attire to take a dig at the long-serving employee of their rivals.

They introduced the character Oklahoma, referred to as OK. This character even made fun of JR's cerebral palsy.