Five tricks to learn from world's best PUBG gamer, Shroud

Shuvrajit Das Biswas

Five tricks to learn from world

25 Apr 2019: Five tricks to learn from world's best PUBG gamer, Shroud

PUBG is one of the most tactically intense Battle Royale games and to continuously keep winning chicken dinner, among 100 gamers, you need to be a pro at looting and killing.

Michael Grzesiek, better known as Shroud, is one of the best PUBG gamers globally and is lethal in the Battle Royale.

Here, we bring you five tips which you can learn from Shroud.

Fact: Here's how we got the tips from Shroud

As you know, Shroud often streams several of his PUBG matches. We decided to check out various clips and streams of his gameplay to bring you the tips which help him the most, during the Battle Royale matches in PUBG.

Tip 1: Sticking the perfect landing gives you a first mover advantage

Landing is one of the first things setting Shroud's gameplay apart.

Most decent gamers can land in the area they have selected on the map. However, Shroud has perfected landing so that not only he drops down in front of a house but manages to land right in front of a door or window.

A perfect landing gives Shroud a first-mover advantage while looting.

Tip 2: Shroud is constantly on the move during the game

Another distinctive feature of Shroud's gameplay is that he is constantly on the move.

Even when looting, he keeps moving around. Not only does this make him a harder target to hit, but also allows him to be aware of his surroundings and presence of opponents.

While moving, Shroud never moves in a straight line, making it hard to snipe him from a distance.

Spotting: Shroud will almost always spot you first

Shroud is one of the most lethal PUBG gamers and a large part of this is due to his insane spotting skills.

In most of Shroud's gameplay clips, we have noticed that Shroud spots the enemy even before they are aware of his presence.

This gives him a clear advantage allowing him to eliminate all threats even before they turn their gunfire towards him.

Tip 4: Shroud's quick-scoping and reflexes make him the best

Shroud's gameplay has reached unparalleled heights due to quick-scoping and reflexes.

Being a competitive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player, Shroud honed these skills at a really early stage.

Thus he can quickly scope and shoot an opponent, giving them little time to react.

Quick-scoping is one of the best skills to master in the Battle Royale, to set you apart from amateurs.

Tip 5: Shroud's anticipation of enemy movement makes him an expert strategist

Apart from quick reflexes and better shooting, Shroud's anticipation of enemy movement, as the game progresses, makes him an expert strategist.

Through hours of rigorous training, he can figure out where the opponents might approach from, allowing him to cover those bases.

Anticipation in-game gives Shroud an advantage where enemies can be eliminated before they can pose any serious threat to his position.