Five tools that will make your writing super clean

Anamica Singh
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Five tools that will make your writing super clean
Five tools that will make your writing super clean

18 Feb 2021: Five tools that will make your writing super clean

I love to write articles on numerous topics. While writing, I go with the flow and write what I like. But one thing which I miss is clearing my sentences so that I can deliver super clean content.

Everyone in the content writing business goes through this. While we write, we do not look for minor details or grammar corrections.

The problem: Use the various available tools for super clean content

There are many tools available in the market that can help us tackle this problem so we can deliver good quality content to a client or publish it where we want.

While picking a writing tool, we usually get confused because there are so many options available on the internet. But, we have collected five writing tools that will result in super clean content.

Choices: Free or premium, which tools to go for?

These tools are available on the internet in both free and premium versions. In the free version, you will get the basic features.

However, if you are a person who writes a lot of content, then go for the premium version that comes with a whole set of features that will help you in improving your work so that you can deliver great content.

Grammarly: Grammarly catches small errors and makes your writing better

English involves various rules and it is pretty normal for writers to forget the basic grammar rules they might have learned in high school. But Grammarly will surely make your writing better by clearing all the small and major errors you don't even know.

It is an extremely effective tool, especially for catching small errors like syntax, misused words, correct spelling, and much more.

Fact: You can subscribe to the premium version

You can search on your browser and download Grammarly from their official website. They also provide a premium version for which you have to take a subscription. You can create trial accounts working in 2021 for Grammarly without paying that last for seven days.

Hemingway Editor: Use Hemingway Editor for crisp sentences

This is another helpful tool that will make your current sentences small and crisp so that they are easy to read. This tool analyzes your writing and helps identify the way to shorten your sentences.

This will also make your paragraph more readable. Its algorithms are highly precise and make your web content as easy to read as possible.

Wordrake: Wordrake for clear and high ranking content

Wordrake is a desktop tool that can easily connect with Microsoft Word and Outlook. This will improve the clarity of your content.

It is a very useful tool that will help by showing you different ways that could improve your content rank. It will help you in polishing your content so that you can deliver great articles.

Pro Writing Aid: Improve grammar and fix other issues with Pro Writing Aid

Pro Writing Aid is a web tool that is also available as a plug-in. This will help in improving the grammar of your content as well as spelling mistakes and other errors.

The tool has an algorithm that analyzes your writing pattern and produces a report that gives all the information about your writing style, grammar errors, repeat words, syntax, and much more.

Fact: Premium membership will connect with Google Docs and Microsoft Office

This application has a free version with all the basic features, but you can also go for a premium membership that will connect with your Google Docs and Microsoft Office.

Autocrit: Autocrit is great for those who are into fiction writing

Autocrit helps in analyzing your content and manuscript to identify the areas where improvement is needed, which include the dialogues, word choice, and sentence formations. You can choose from three different plans. It's a great application for fiction writers.

All these tools are available for multiple operating platforms, whether you are using Windows or Mac.