Five times a WWE superstar performed with an injury

Sayak Basu

Five times a WWE superstar performed with an injury

12 Nov 2018: Five times a WWE superstar performed with an injury

We all know that pro-wrestling falls under the bracket of sports entertainment, and thus the results are pre-determined and the match is performed to that effect.

But during the matches, wrestlers do perform violent moves, which, even if carefully executed, have a chance of causing an injury, and sometimes wrestlers carry on fighting despite being injured gravely.

Here are five such instances.

The Undertaker: Elimination Chamber 2010: The Undertaker suffers burns

Even bonafide WWE legends will tell you The Undertaker is the benchmark in the industry when it comes to dedication and endurance.

During his entrance for the 2010 Elimination Chamber match, The Undertaker suffered first and second-degree burns, due to a pyrotechnic error.

He continued the match and ended it without giving any signs of discomfort even after such grave injuries.

Kurt Angle: Kurt Angle main-evented WrestleMania XIX with a broken neck

Being an Olympic gold medalist in wrestling, it is given that Kurt Angle remains one of the best in-ring performers of all time.

But it is his dedication, which has left us amazed.

In WrestleMania XIX, he had agreed to main-event in an intense match against Brock Lesnar with a broken neck, knowing that it could even get life-threatening.

An absolute legend!

Shawn Michaels: Shawn Michaels wrestled with a cracked disc in his back

Shawn Michaels has been the epitome of finesse in the ring.

With his mastery over the format and the ability to get the required reaction from the crowd, many wrestlers have had their career-changing matches against the Heartbreak Kid.

During WrestleMania XIV, Michaels fought with Stone Cold, despite having a disc in his back broken from a match against The Undertaker.

Taker vs Mick Foley: Both injured wrestlers put up a fabulous show

Undertaker and Mick Foley had taken part in what is the most famous Hell in a Cell match ever.

The match is famous for Foley dropping from the top of the cell to the announcer's table below, something fans had never seen before.

He continued the match despite the pain, but what is unknown is that Taker was also suffering from a broken foot.

Hart vs Flair: Bret Hart pops in broken finger while fighting Ric Flair

When legends like Hart and Flair are spoken of in the same breath, we know something special is about to come up.

During their WWE title match in 1992, Bret accidentally broke his finger which twisted towards the outside.

He quickly popped back the broken finger and continued the match, something so painful that we grimace even thinking about it.