Five rules that every airline flier should know

Anjana Raghav

Five rules that every airline flier should know

16 Jul 2018: Five rules that every airline flier should know

Over the years, the number of airlines operating globally has surged. Air travel is the fastest way to travel within a country or overseas, and it's also the most preferred mode of transportation.

But, setbacks at airports can strike anytime including weather delays and lost luggage.

To make your travel easy, we found out five rules that you should be aware of.

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Rule No. 1: What to do if your flight is canceled or delayed?

You have the right to claim the compensation if your flight is canceled or delayed.

When a flight is canceled, most airlines will book you on the next available flight. You can claim compensation if you don't wish to board the alternate flight.

Notably, you need to solve any disputes within 1 month.

However, airlines won't compensate for flights delayed/canceled due to bad-weather or ATC delays.

Rule No. 2: What's the right time to check-in at airport?

Missing your flight just because you could not make it to the airport on time can be the worst nightmare.

It's ideal to reach two hours before the flight and at least 45 minutes before the departure time for domestic flights.

This will give you enough time to get your baggage checked-in, go through the security check, and to deal with any unexpected issues.

Rule No. 3: You also get compensation for lost luggage

Sometimes you may lose your luggage while traveling on flights. This usually happens when you're on a hopping flight.

In such cases, instead of leaving the airport, first file a complaint with the airline. This would ensure that it takes responsibility to find the lost luggage or provide compensation.

If airlines miss the time-frame to find lost luggage, then it'll have to compensate you.

Rule No. 4: What if you have extra luggage than the permissible limit?

If your baggage exceeds the limitations of the airline's free baggage allowance, then you may have to pay some extra bucks. The extra fare differs from carrier to carrier.

For instance, IndiGo's prepaid excess baggage price stands at Rs. 1,900 for extra 5kg luggage and Rs. 3,800 for 10kg for domestic fliers.

However, Air India charges Rs. 500 plus GST per kg across India.

Rule No. 5: Facilities for the physically-challenged people

In a bid to provide better care to fliers with disabilities, the airlines provide a facility where one can request for a wheelchair at least 48-hours prior to scheduled departure of a flight.

Airlines also provide wheelchair assistance or buggy services to/from gates and while boarding/deboarding.

Meanwhile, Air India asks customers to book wheelchairs at the time of booking tickets to avoid last-minute hassles.