Five basic types of jeans every woman must buy

Meera Venugopal
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Five basic types of jeans every woman must buy
Five basic types of jeans every woman must buy

21 Feb 2021: Five basic types of jeans every woman must buy

Jeans are those comfort wear that's impossible to ignore, and most of us have at least that one pair that is worn and torn but still remains a favorite.

There have been tons of variations in jeans ranging from jaw-dropping styles to not-so-appealing ones, and every fashion week brings with it a new trend.

However, these few timeless types of jeans are must-haves.

#1: Straight cuts are a classic piece, suits any body type

Straight cut jeans have been in fashion for eons, and for all the right reasons.

These classic pieces are straight and narrow right down to the ankles and are perfect for any body type: mesomorph, ectomorph, or endomorph.

What's more, straight cuts are perfect for any occasion and can be worn along with a casual tee or a formal blazer, all while looking effortless.

#2: Boyfriend jeans: Stylish, comfortable, and flatter your appearance

Boyfriend jeans can appear like they're straight out of your boyfriend's wardrobe, but they're all about style and comfort.

These jeans offer a baggy cut towards the ankle and maintain a snug fit around the waist for a flattering appearance.

Boyfriend jeans can either be dressed up with a blouse or kept minimal and laid back with a crop top or a casual tee.

#3: White denims are great to pair with blazers

White denims could seem like a bold fashion move, but knowing how to style them makes all the difference.

White jeans can alone amp up any outfit, which makes it easier to go quirky with ideas.

Blazers are the safest way to style white jeans, but why play it safe when you can team them with tied-up shirts and spaghetti tops as well.

#4: Flared jeans will help up your street style game

Flared jeans are an ode to simpler times and are a staple when it comes to street styling.

These jeans hug the waistline and flare out from the knees. The flares are not of a specific range and can be subtle or eye-catchy cuts.

They are perfect for women with broader shoulders or narrow hips and can be paired with dresses or crop tops.

#5: Pair button-fly jeans with T-shirts, blazers, dresses

Button-fly jeans are easy to style and pull off as well.

For those of you unfamiliar with this type of jeans, it is nothing but jeans that have three or five visible buttons, instead of a zipper. They can be a high rise or low rise as well.

Pair them with anything from T-shirts to blazers or dresses and you are good to go.