Five 'unscripted' controversial incidents in WWE

Sayak Basu


22 Aug 2018: Five 'unscripted' controversial incidents in WWE

WWE story-lines, usually, pan out as per the direction of the writers.

However, the entire thing is a performance in front of a live audience and there come certain moments where things don't go as planned.

There have been instances of such unscripted moments in WWE history, which have had a lasting impact.

Here are five most controversial unscripted WWE moments.

Kliq: The Kliq and their Madison Square Garden curtain call

Wrestlers have fought as 'heels' (villains) or 'babyfaces' (heroes) and in the mid-90s, such characterizations were taken seriously.

Wrestlers would never do anything that could break kayfabe.

In 1996, the four friends Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, who were playing opposing characters hugged each other before the audience, breaking the tradition for the very first time.

Pipebomb: CM Punk drops the 'bomb'

One of the most talented performers in WWE history, CM Punk never got his due.

McMahon's handling of superstars forced Punk to do something that got immortalized in WWE folklore.

On a live Raw episode, Punk sat cross-legged and aired all his grievances about WWE.

He spared no one that day, so much so that the microphone's audio was cut off by WWE officials.

Screwjob: The Montreal Screwjob: Vince McMahon destroys Bret Hart

Montreal is the hometown of Bret Hart and it is where McMahon double-crossed him in real life.

Hart was facing Shawn Michaels for the WWE Championship in Survivor Series.

During the match, McMahon suddenly instructed the referee to call for the bell to ring, ending the match in Shawn's favor.

Hart was shocked and left WWE for World Championship Wrestling, WWE's rivals.

Kurt Angle: Daniel Puder almost breaks Kurt Angle's arm

Kurt Angle, once, hosted a segment called the Angle Challenge where he would ask anybody to fight him for his Olympic gold medal.

Angle won all the bouts easily, but then Daniel Puder came out one day.

Puder had a background in MMA and pinned Angle with a kimura lock, almost making him tap out.

Angle managed to pin him down with great difficulty.

Snakebite: Snakebites are pretty painful and Randy Savage knows it

Jake 'The Snake' Roberts would always appear in the ring with a python named Damien.

The python usually got involved in the action when Jake threw it on to his opponents, but one night things got out of hand.

The snake bit Randy Savage severely on his arm and did not let go for a long while, causing him tremendous pain and blood loss.