FitQuiz: Is Coconut Oil Good or Bad? Here’s How You Find Out

Dry skin? Apply coconut oil. Want to lose weight? Have food made cooked in coconut oil. Possibly any other ailment of the body? Coconut oil, coconut oil! COCONUT OIL!

If you’ve grown up in an Indian household, you would know how much we love our coconut oil. However, i a recent viral video, with over 900,000 views, a Harvard professor called coconut oil ‘pure poison.’ This was, expectedly, followed by bafflement from Indians and Asians who use coconut oil for pretty much everything.

It comes on the heels of the American Heart Association asking people to avoid coconut oil. It also comes at a time when a form of coconut oil, the virgin coconut oil has been declared a ‘superfood’ and is being sold in speciality stores across the world.

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But what are the benefits of coconut oil really? Take this FitQuiz to find out.

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Developed by: Achintya De and Shahadat Hussain

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