The new winter staple? Birds Eye reveals recipe for fish finger rolls

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Fish finger rolls were created by Zeeshaan from North London (Birds Eye)
Fish finger rolls were created by Zeeshaan from North London (Birds Eye)

Nothing screams ‘comfort’ more than a sausage roll - but have you ever thought about trying a fish finger roll?

Luckily, the fish finger connoisseurs at Birds Eye have revealed a recipe for the aforementioned roll, created during lockdown by 10-year-old Zeeshaan from North London.

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Replacing sausage meat with fish fingers, the hybrid recipe uses pre-rolled puff pastry wrapped around a fish finger in the same style as a sausage roll.

Zeeshaan’s mum, Mobeen, was so impressed with the invention that she sent it to Birds Eye in a letter, citing it as a ‘new family favourite’.

After Birds Eye shared the recipe on its social media channels, Facebook users were quick to praise the recipe, with one user calling it a ‘game changer’ and another saying it’s a great substitute for fish finger butties.

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When asked about the idea for the recipe, Zeeshaan said: “Once the second lockdown came into place, I thought it would be fun to try different ways to enjoy my favourite food. I love sausage rolls and I love fish fingers, so thought why not combine the two?! I’m really happy with the result and that Birds Eye have recognised my invention.”

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Annalisa Fanali, general marketing manager at Birds Eye, commented: “We always love to hear how people are getting creative in the kitchen and were thrilled to receive such a brilliant recipe idea from Mobeen and Zeeshaan. Birds Eye fish fingers are so versatile, it’s great to see young Brits inventing new ways to enjoy them, especially during lockdown. From the moment we saw the picture, we were totally onboard with this recipe and knew we just had to share it with the rest of the nation!”

How to make a fish finger roll

All you need to make fish finger rolls is puff pastry, egg wash and fish fingers (Birds Eye)
All you need to make fish finger rolls is puff pastry, egg wash and fish fingers (Birds Eye)


  • Milk

  • 1 Egg

  • 1 Pre-rolled puff pastry

  • 8-10 fish fingers


Preheat the oven to puff pastry cooking instructions. Crack egg into a bowl, add a bit of milk and whisk.

Unroll puff pastry, leaving it on the baking paper.

Place fish fingers in a row at one edge of the pastry, turn over the fish fingers and then fold pastry over the fish fingers. Cut pastry using a knife, repeat until all the pastry has been used.

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Use egg wash to seal the edge and press down making sure the seal is at the bottom/under the roll.

Cut along the edge of the fish finger and slice the pastry. Using the knife, score lines onto the top of the pastry.

Brush the top and sides of all of the fish finger rolls with egg wash.

Lift up baking paper with rolls and transfer into a tray. Place into the oven. Cook for about 20mins or until golden brown.

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