Firstpost Editor's Picks: Possible Congress-AAP alliance, TikTok ban, IMD's monsoon prediction; today's must-read stories

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Arvind Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi's Twitter spat likely to end with an inevitable deal in Delhi, High Court-imposed ban on TikTok casts a shadow of uncertainty on the future of similar apps, the Daenerys Targaryen-Sansa Stark equation; today's must read stories

Lok Sabha polls: Arvind Kejriwal-Rahul Gandhi Twitter spat mere grandstanding before inevitable seat-sharing deal

The AAP is aware of two realities that have served to constrict its ambition. One, it has hardly any clout outside the national capital. Two, even in Delhi, its fortunes are on decline. So, the task before Arvind Kejriwal is two-fold. He must resurrect AAP's fortunes in Delhi and help the young party spread its wings outside Delhi. The Congress is equally aware that lack of any alliance with AAP might be akin to gift-wrapping Delhi to the BJP. The Congress, despite its reservations, eventually warmed up to the idea.

IMD's 'good news' for farmers vs Skymet's warning of deficient rains: Who will get the weather forecast right this year?

Past evidence shows that IMD has gone wrong on occasions surprising the policymakers and economists. IMD forecasts going wrong has given shockers to farmers in certain years. In 2009, while the forecast said a normal monsoon, the year turned out to be one of the worst drought years for the country. On the policy front, the IMD forecast of a 'near normal' monsoon this year is a relief to the central bank and heightens the chance for another rate cut.

TikTok ban: Uncertain future for app as content regulation grows in India; decision on app could impact many others

There is an increasing number of content-related bans in India, such as the bans of Reddit, Telegram or even College Humor from time to time, most of which are without specified reasons and without any apparent legal backing in the form of a court order. Internet freedom organizations like the IFF in fact have reported the ban of at least 250 websites in India. Upholding the high court order may allow similar bans for all such activities, in effect leading to large-scale censorship of the internet. The question that arises, for instance, is whether a site like YouTube could also be banned tomorrow on the exact same grounds?

Champions League: Manchester United's misfiring attack needs fine-tuning to script another great comeback at Camp Nou

On Tuesday, Manchester United will face a 1-0 deficit and the knowledge that Barcelona possess a vastly superior team €" and not the memories of their coach's treble-winning strike or the glory that stemmed from that night. Their hosts have not been beaten at home in the Champions League in 30 matches ever since 2013. At least, away wins at Juventus and PSG, all the more remarkable as United were without ten key players, including Paul Pogba, will boost Manchester United's confidence in manufacturing another great comeback.

Game of Thrones season 8 episode 1: Why can't Sansa Stark and Daenerys Targaryen be friends?

This conflict seems to be a natural progression of the chain of events that happened in season 7. If Jon has bent his knee for Dany, then who is the real Queen €" Sansa or her? But is this conflict necessary? It seems like the makers didn't feel that having two women solidly get along in the series is a pre-requisite, even though there are many boast-worthy friendships between men. It's no surprise that a show like Game of Thrones would put conflict and drama on priority. It is what made the show so popular (along with repeated shock value).

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