Firstpost Editor's Picks: Navjot Sidhu resigns from Punjab cabinet, Chandrayaan 2 launch, Wimbledon 2019; today's must-read stories

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Firstpost Editor's Picks: Navjot Sidhu resigns from Punjab cabinet, Chandrayaan 2 launch, Wimbledon 2019; today's must-read stories

Navjot Singh Sidhu a victim of his obstinate nature; chasing CM's post, political turncoat couldn't take being overshadowed

The pursuit of ambition €" the quest for becoming Punjab's chief minister €" has made Navjot Singh Sidhu rebel against every party and politician he has done business with. In the BJP, he realised he would always have to be the 12th man till the Badals are batting. This existential angst pitted him against the Badals who retaliated by getting him evicted from Amritsar. Later, when Sidhu realised that the AAP was on the ascent in Punjab, he flirted with Arvind Kejriwal for a while. Now, Sidhu and his ambition have run into Captain Amarinder Singh.

Chandrayaan 2 launch on 15 July: Answers to all your questions on India's second moon mission

Chandrayaan 2 is expected to make a soft landing on the unmapped surface of the Moon on the South Pole. This will be the first time any mission touched down so far from the equator, according to a report in Science. One of the primary objectives is to demonstrate the ability to soft-land on the lunar surface. Among the scientific objectives, there are experiments that will be conducted to study the lunar topography, mineralogy, elemental abundance, the lunar exosphere and signs for hydroxyl €" a molecule involving hydrogen and oxygen which has, among other things, significance when it comes to the search for extraterrestrial life €" and water ice on the lunar surface.

Wimbledon 2019: Only a matter of time before history-chasing Serena Williams finds a way to win big titles again

Longevity is just one part of the wonder in Serena Williams' story. The fact is she has found her way back in the game after giving birth and surviving through multiple surgeries following childbirth. Despite not hitting her peak, Williams has reached three Grand Slam finals in the last six majors she has competed in. She has breezed past opponents and fought her way out of situations with characteristic grit. In short, Williams has done everything but win a Slam. The American, after losing to Halep on Saturday, she had stopped worrying about records since winning her 18th major. But it is possible that even Williams is weighed down by expectations and history.

Children's literature in India undergoes revolution as publishers experiment with regional languages, genres

In an age of Percy Jackson, Harry Potter and the Marvel and DC universes, it is natural for many of us to ask if there is a demand for literature in Indian languages among children. "We forget that the majority of children don't have a choice, and learn in their regional language, and this may not necessarily be their first language," says Radhika Menon, managing editor, Tulika Books. "Children are drawn to books in the language they learn at school. The biggest demand comes from NGOs working with government schools, community libraries, activity centres, etc," she added.

How Kabir Singh is different from films like Devdas, The Wolf of Wall Street in its portrayal of flawed characters

There's a possible chance that Vanga Reddy was trying to make a love story that tackled the themes of a co-dependent relationship, which is undoubtedly very toxic in nature but also has an intense romantic story, something that the audience would have been intimately invested in. But this is a trope that in the hands of an inexperienced storyteller can fall flat and end up becoming either too vanilla or too extreme, the latter of which Kabir Singh was a result of.

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