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Assembly Election Results 2019 LIVE Updates | Election Commission will start counting of votes for Vidhan Sabha or Legislative Assembly elections in Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim at 8 am today (Thursday, 24 May)

Lok Sabha poll results 2019: Former AAP polling agent and techie explains why EVMs can't be scammed

The ECI has repeatedly said EVMs aren't manufactured for wireless communication. Any potential "hacker" should have at least gone to the ECI hackathon and just opened up the machine to check for that. Also, the code, which assigns a vote to a candidate, totals votes for each of the contestants and adds up the votes registered on a machine, is burnt into the chip. The device is "one time programmable," which means this burning of code into the chip can only be done once per EVM.

Ashok Lavasa's demand to make dissent note public is critical to natural justice, transparency and strengthening democratic institutions

Central to the debate on whether minority decisions should be recorded is the question as to whether the poll panel's decisions in such cases should be open to public scrutiny. As we see from court judgments, making dissenting opinions public only enriches public debate and discussion on crucial matters. They served to underline that the top court reflects democratic values, and acknowledges a plurality of viewpoints. There is no reason why it should be any different for the Election Commission.

World Cup Memories: 'Let's have some fun' €" Kevin O'Brien reveals his secret while pummelling England in 2011

Kevin O' Brien's first memories of a World Cup were visiting Castle Avenue, Dublin to watch the 1999 match between Bangladesh and West Indies with his friend, which in his own words was a 'great experience'. 12 years down the line, he was creating history out in the middle on that humid March night at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium, smashing the fastest century in the history of the World Cup.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood movie review: Quentin Tarantino film buoyed by Leo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt's performances

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood builds slowly, accumulating characters and taking various detours before unraveling in a batshit-spectacular fashion. Its climax will leave you in a delirious Dopamine-rush, the kind of which only Quentin Tarantino can induce. Watching one of the most eagerly anticipated films on opening night in a theater full of fellow Tarantino fans is the manifestation of what makes the communal experience of cinema so magical.

DHFL is no IL&FS yet, but it isn't far from getting there unless a Santa shows up with bag full of good money

If the DHFL cash situation worsens, it will have systemic implications. There are as many as 164 schemes across 23 asset management companies with total industry exposure to DHFL alone at around Rs 5,183 crore, as on 30 April, 2019, according to data provided by Value Research. But, DHFL hasn't defaulted on any payments yet. The current action is due to the rating downgrades. For a while now, DHFL has been trying to get institutional investments. At a larger level, the DHFL episode is a warning to the investors that the NBFC space is not out of the woods yet.

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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood movie review: Quentin Tarantino film buoyed by Leo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt's performances

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