Firstpost Editor's Picks: Lok Sabha polls and Rahul Gandhi, Zakir Musa's killing, PM Narendra Modi movie review; today's must-read stories

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Firstpost Editor's Picks: Lok Sabha polls and Rahul Gandhi, Zakir Musa's killing, PM Narendra Modi review; today's must-read stories

Congress as a credible Opposition is critical for democracy and India: For that, Rahul Gandhi must go

India needs the Congress more than ever because despite its losses and the erosion of its footprint, it remains the only political force that serves as a counterbalance to the BJP's hegemony. However, the Congress has miserably failed in this role in the past, and will keep on failing if it doesn't reinvent itself. For democracy to flourish in India, tension between the Opposition and ruling party is a prerequisite. Congress is still suited for that role but only if it dumps the dynasty and reposes faith in a new leader elected through a truly democratic internal process.

Zakir Musa killing affords establishment opportunity to reach disaffected J&K youth as security forces press advantage

While it is good that Zakir Musa has finally been neutralised, what's more important is the 'what next?' aspect inevitably thrown up after the neutralisation of a high-profile terrorist. In the 30-year proxy war which has undergone a generational change, there exist more misled youth waiting in the shadows to seek dubious fame. Musa's profile €" being from a middle class family €" points to this phenomenon. Musa was a study in contrast from his better known colleague Burhan Wani; while Wani followed the aim of 'aazadi', Musa was influenced and radicalised enough to seek the establishment of a caliphate.

Britain prepares for Brexit: Theresa May played Chamberlain before EU polls, but who will be Winston Churchill?

If Theresa May is Chamberlain, the all-too-familiar cast of Brexit characters offer no Churchillian option, at least none that is readily identifiable. Then again, though a monumental figure in UK and world history, Churchill's early, lone voice against Hitler was for a long time dismissed in Parliament as being alarmist. Churchill presided over the UK during a period of crisis not unlike the current one. He had to keep a crumbling Empire together for money and manpower to defend Britain from the Nazi war machine at home. Today, the UK is facing a peaceful threat to its sovereignty unimaginable only a decade ago.

PM Narendra Modi movie review: Vivek Oberoi hams his way through an unwittingly farcical, comical hagiography

Things that did not happen in Modi's life are in this film shown to have happened: he is shown being arrested during the Emergency, the then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee is shown praising him to the press during the 2002 riots, in the run-up to the 2014 election Modi is shown volunteering to do a live interview with a hostile TV journalist before an audience and acing it. All PM Narendra Modi's other follies and flaws €" the lazy caricature of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Modi's corrupt government colleague in Gujarat, the false suggestion that Modi never married and the overall tackiness of the narrative €" pale into insignificance.

Sudirman Cup 2019: Is playing for India no longer a priority for shuttlers? Disappointing performances leave lot to answer for

Badminton in India has witnessed a sharp rise in the recent time bringing along a lot of fame and earning with itself. In such a case, players could be prone to arrogance and churlish behaviour. Product endorsements have turned some of our players into multi-millionaires, to the extent that their earnings for on-court work have begun to look like pocket money.  Sindhu and Srikanth have worked really hard to reach where they have, and they richly deserve the benefits they have derived from the sport. It is to be hoped that they keep their feet planted firmly on the ground, so that they can serve the country for a long time to come.

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