In a first, Uttarakhand Police train street dogs to recruit them in dog squad; strays outperform expensive breeds

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In a first of its kind experiment in India, the Uttarakhand Police inducted stray dogs and trained them to become a part of the police force which generally trains foreign breeds such as German Shepherds, Great Swiss Mountain Dogs, and Labradors. To everyone's surprise the strays outperformed expensive breeds of dogs, looked disciplined and synchronised.

Praising the performance of street dogs, Uttarakhand Police took to Twitter and said, "Galiyon mein ghumne wala awara doggy aaj Uttarakhand Police ke shwaan dal ki shaan bana hua hai. Desh mein pehli baar ye prayog kiya hai Uttarakhand Police ne. Sadkon pe awaara ghoomne wala doggy ko police ki training di toh vo naami naslon ke laakhon rupaiye ke daam waale doggy se kahin aage nikla (The strolling dog in the streets is the pride of the #UttarakhandPolice dog team today . Uttarakhand Police has used this for the first time in the country. When the dog who roamed the streets wandered the police, he got ahead of the dog with a price of lakhs of rupees.)"

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The Twitter handle of Uttarakhand Police also carries a video of their sniffer dog squad: "This sniffer dog team is the pride of #UttarakhandPolice . For the first time in the country, Uttarakhand Police has used the street dog of the street to train and use it to join this dog team. See some amazing tricks of this team."

The video and pictures from Uttarakhand Police's experiment have gone viral on Twitter and people are appreciating this experiment by calling it "resourceful" and "kind" at the same time. Some users said, "Please use indie dogs more. They are highly intelligent and adaptable breed" while others hoped other state police to take cues from this and recruit strays.

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