In a first, surgery restores 'right' music to man's ear

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Chennai, Apr 8 (PTI) A city-based hospital on Thursday claimed to have successfully performed a Microvascular Decompression (MVD) surgery to treat a 26-year-old man suffering from a rare form of tinnitus for two years.

The surgery provided him the much needed relief from the constant ringing noise in the ears that is peculiar to tinnitus, MGM Healthcare said.

This is the first time the condition is being treated through the highly specialised MVD surgery in the country, the super-speciality hospital said on Thursday.

'MVD is an option that could be looked at to address Tinnitus- a health condition in which the patient feels a ringing noise in the ears continuously, even though there is no external noise,' Dr K Sridhar, Director and Group Head, Institute of Neurosciences & Spinal Disorders, MGM Healthcare, told a press meet.

On many occasions Tinnitus could be a symptom of undiagnosed ailment.

After exploring all options, doctors at the hospital decided to perform the MVD procedure that is regularly performed to treat Trigeminal Neuralgia a condition marked by shock-like pain over the face due to compression of nerves.

This was successfully used in treating Tinnitus for the first time.

The patient had been suffering from Tinnitus in his left ear since April 2019 and tried indigenous medication, but to no avail. The internal noise not only affected his sleep but also resulted in losing focus on his daily activities and thus, it impacted the patients normal life.

The disease is so rare that the medical world has recorded less than 50 cases worldwide, with none from India till date, the hospital said.

Most importantly, if this surgery for Tinnitus is not performed with utmost precision, the patient can turn deaf and also develop facial weakness.

'Two years is a long time to have a ringing sound in the ears. It really took a lot away from my life and work,' the man, who underwent the surgery, said. PTI JSP SA BN BN