First look of Padmavati will be out tomorrow! Here’s all you need to know about Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor’s film

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Finally, we will get a glimpse of the magnum opus called Padmavati tomorrow and we can’t keep calm. It’s one movie we are dying to watch because the story of Rani Padmavati is so astounding and powerful that we are glad Sanjay Leela Bhansali decided to take it up. And in him we trust! He is known to add brilliance to an already brilliant story and thus when we heard that the first look will be out tomorrow, we just wanted to talk only about Padmavati. Hence, we decided to quickly run you through what all we know about the film till now…

#Ranveer Singh – the dreaded Khilji

In SLB’s last two films, Ranveer Singh was a lover boy, who romances the heroine like a pro. But in this, he has turned into the brutal emperor, Alauddin Khilji. In fact, he has gone so close to his character that he has given people on the sets the jitters. We told you EXCLUSIVELY how the unit members maintained safe distance from him every time he turned into Khilji on the sets. A source told us, “Ranveer is a complete team player, a leader and a dynamic source of energy on the sets. When he gets on set everyone loves interacting with him and laughs and jokes around with him like usual. However once he gets into his Khilji look in costume and make up and is ready to go on set, people almost stay away from him unless needed and things quieten down as he is so compelling in his character when he slips into the skin of Alauddin Khilji.” So it will be interesting to see Ranveer turn dark in a film because Khilji had no scruples, as per legends.

#Fresh jodi of Shahid Kapoor and Deepika Padukone

It’s high time that Deepika romances new people. The reason we loved her with Irrfan Khan in Piku was nobody had attempted to get them together before that. In Padmavati, too, we are stoked to see her romance Shahid for the first time. In fact, we hear there will be many such cute moments between the two as they play husband and wife in the film.

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#Deepika will hate Ranveer in the film

Deepika was Ranveer’s girl in all their films together, but in Padmavati, she doesn’t want anything to do with him. As you all are aware, the story has Deepika or Rani Padmavati committing jauhar so that Khilji can’t touch her. So, we have a feeling there will be scenes where she will tell him off while he will lust after her.

#Deepika dancing on ghoomar

We were the first ones to tell you that Deepika Padukone’s Ghoomar dance sequence will be one of the best things you will see in recent times. Rimple and Harpreet Narula, who are the costume designers for Padmavati, revealed it exclusively to BollywoodLife, “The Ghoomar dance has come out to be really very well. Just recently we have completely the sequence. What Deepika will be wearing is a typical Rajasthani ghoomar and we have taken into consideration the typical colours like the reds and yellows for the outfit. And of course, we have added our own touch to it. We are being very careful with the colours, the fabrics and everything else because people observe everything closely. So even now, we are reading story books, visiting museums and doing our research on the outfits of those times.”

#Ranveer-Shahid’s confrontation scene

There are reports in Mid-Day that there will be a scene between Khilji and Raja Ratan Singh where both will indulge in intense war of words and we feel the topic obviously will be Padmavati. This scene between Shahid and Ranveer is one thing we are watching out for the most because these two actors have never worked together. Hence, it will be something we haven’t seen before.

So many reasons to go crazy before the first look of Padmvati is out. Isn’t it?