First of Its Kind: Ancient Couple Found in Harappan Grave

Archaeologists from Pune's Deccan College Deemed University have discovered two skeletons, suspected to be the first 'couple's grave' – an anthropologically confirmed joint burial of a couple, The Times of India reported.

According to the TOI report, the couple grave was found in Harappan Settlements in Rakhigarhi in Harayana, some 150 km northwest of Delhi, with the man’s face turned towards the woman.

The two skeletons. Their heads were placed towards north. The foot bones on one of the skeletons was missing.

Archaeologists say that the evidence points to the fact that the couple was buried simultaneously or about at the same time. However, a clearer picture was not given on the discovery.

This is probably the first couple grave discovery and the skeletons were found in a face up position with arms and legs extended.

Pune’s Deemed University's work has been published in the ACB Journal of Anatomy and Cell Biology. The grave was discovered as part of a project named ‘Rakhigarhi Excavation’, which is being led by Professor Vasant Shinde, who is also the vice chancellor of the University.

"Other archaeologists claimed it was difficult to estimate the sexes of the individuals, and they may not have been a couple. Other than the contentious Lothal case, none of the joint burials reported from Harappan cemeteries till date have been anthropologically confirmed to be a couple’s grave,” Professor Shinde told The Times of India.

(With inputs from The Times of India and ACB Journal of Anatomy and Cell Biology)

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