Indian Chef Garima Arora Wins Her First Michelin Star

An Indian woman belongs in the kitchen...

Well, while that is certainly not true for all desi women, it surely seems so for chef Garima Arora, who recently became the first Indian woman to bag a Michelin star!

For the uninitiated, Michelin stars are a rating bestowed on the most exceptional restaurants in the world. And Mumbai-born Garima’s Bangkok-based restaurant GAA became the first restaurant run by an Indian woman to be awarded a Michelin star.

Her restaurant, GAA, is now included in the Michelin guide of 2019 for Bangkok, Phuket and Phang-na.

While the coveted honour of being a Michelin star chef is certainly a cause for celebration, Arora also made it a point to share that being a chef is not easy. What chefs have to accept, she says, is that even when everyone else is partying, you are working.

The proof of her dedication lies here! Just look at Garima passionately working on perfecting a dish.

Or being a boss in the kitchen in general.

Incidentally, Arora’s journey started by studying Mass Media, but she then decided to follow her passion and set off to Paris where studied at Le Cordon Bleu.

After working in Copenhagen at the world renowned Noma, she worked at Gaggan Anand’s restaurant in Bangkok called Gaggan. The two, then, partnered to create Gaa, their now-Michelin approved restaurant that lies in the heart of Bangkok.

Her remarkable journey from Mumbai to the heights of the culinary world in Bangkok confirms that this India-born lady not only belongs in, but also owns the goddamn kitchen!

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