First fog: IndiGo asks CAT IIIB trained pilot flying as passenger to operate flight to IGI aiport from Pune

New Delhi, (India), Dec 1 (ANI): With Delhi witnessing its season's first fog on Saturday, a Delhi-bound plane of IndiGo, whose pilot had surrendered the aircraft during take-off in Pune was finally flown by an off-duty pilot, trained to land in low visibility (CAT IIIB), and headed to the national capital as a passenger.

According to sources, IndiGo flight 6E-6571 from Pune to Delhi was operating as per the schedule and the airline had completed the boarding process of all the passengers.

"After receiving information that visibility has drastically dropped in the capital and to fly the aircraft a CAT-IIIB compliance pilot is required, a passenger, who was also an IndiGo captain and had was trained to fly in low visibility was trained to do was requested to take the charge of the flight operation to avoid any delay and inconvenience to passengers" the source said.

The captain later had to go through all the mandatory examinations like Breath Analyser (BA) test and was bound to follow set procedures laid out by the airlines. Notably, he flew the aeroplane without the uniform, the source added.

India's aviation watchdog Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is aware of the above incident and has also issued a statement to ANI saying, "We are aware the matter and will look into this and will act as per regulations."

The DGCA further stated that usually northern part of India's airport's reports low visibility during the winter season in every year and India's airlines deploy CAT-IIIB compliance/trained pilots for the operation.

CAT-IIIB is Category III B approach and landing with no decision height lower than 50 feet (15meter) and a runway visual range (RVR) less than 700ft (200m) but not less than 150ft (50m).

Meanwhile, IndiGo has also confirmed the above incident, and said, "Yesterday morning Delhi Airport had implemented low visibility procedure. All incoming aircraft were expected to have Cat III crew. On flight 6e- 6571(PNQ-DEL), the assigned captain was not Cat IIIB cleared. Rather than delay the flight so weather at Delhi could improve." (ANI)