After firing his personal manager, Salman Khan now FIRES three bodyguards and the reason is legit!

Preeti Kulkarni
Salman Khan has sacked his bodyguards for this shocking reason

Salman Khan is on a firing spree lately. First, he sacked his personal manager Reshma Shetty and later he let off three of his bodyguards. According to a report on an entertainment website, the Tubelight star was pretty disturbed after he got to know that his bodyguards were letting out his personal secrets out in open which he did not appreciate at all and hence came to this decision. Looks like he can only trust his close aide and man Friday Shera who has been with the superstar since last 15 years.

Just a few weeks ago, we got the news that Salman sacked his manager of nine years, Reshma Shetty. She was instrumental in keeping Salman’s image clean and positive, despite the various cases against him and industry people were shocked upon hearing about this development. Reshma was the brain behind Salman’s Being Human initiative and took all business decisions for him. She also made sure that he signed all right projects, and the results were for everyone to see. But a close side of Salman revealed that the reason the Tiger Zinda Hai star decided to sack her was because she was causing rifts and creating misunderstandings between him and his family.

The source said, “His business manager did a wonderful job of putting Salman’s finances on the right track. She made sure he got what he deserved for all the films and events. She eliminated all those who exploited his stardom and got rid of all the freeloaders.  Salman allowed her to take all the business decisions. In fact, she also put his family in the queue for his dates. The family took it in their stride as they have always kept Salman’s profession separate from his personal life. But the manager took things a little too far when she apparently didn’t allow Salman to go on Sohail’s comedy show on television.” Well, the source added that since Sohail was heard complaining about this, Salman decided to discontinue Shetty’s services.

It is not a secret that Salman Khan loves his family and has put them on a pedestal. It is no wonder then, he couldn’t stand anyone coming between them or leaking details about his personal life and that of his family’s.