Firefighter Who Surprised Fiancée With Wedding Ring Reveals it Will Take Him 60 Years to Pay For it

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It is rightly said that marriages are actually made in heaven and couples go miles to make sure that they make their wedding all the more special. While for many a wedding is a planned affair following months of preparations, for some, it turns out to be a surprise, thanks to family members and friends.

Recently, a firefighter in East China was all clueless as he climbed a rope to reach the top floor a training building. Clad in his firefighting gear, he was out of words to describe his happiness seeing his to-be wife dressed in her wedding gown.

According to a report by a Chinese english daily, Global Times, Dong Jie, a firefighter in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province was all surprised seeing his girlfriend Wang Qing, who he has been in a long-distance relationship with, for the past couple of years. The report mentioned as per a clip shared by Pear Video, the firefighter's team members planned the entire stunt.

Dong managed to race to the top floor and entered the building through the window, thinking the entire process to be the part of his job. He then suddenly saw Wang and inadvertently asked her what was she doing there?

The surprise did not end here. The co-firefighters made the moment all the more adorable for Dong as he saw a small drone flying up to the building, carrying a package for him. The drone was carrying the diamond ring that Dong had bought for gifting Wang at the time of wedding. According to the report, he has not yet fully paid for it.

Dong then told his to-be-wife it will take him six decades to pay for the wedding ring that he bought for Wang online. He then got down on one knee to propose Wang for marriage.

"I am willing to pay for our love's keepsake for the rest of my life," Dong was quoted as saying.