Finally, Some Good News! Why everyone wants to come to Canada; Beyoncé's latest gift; the Teletubbies' new Sun Baby; Keanu Reeves is perfect

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Everyone wants to come to Canada

You might have heard that Boris Johnson is the U.K.’s new prime minister. He’s perhaps best known for getting stuck on a zip line in 2012 or being fired from a journalism job for making things up.

But now he leads the U.K. as it goes through Brexit, of which he was an architect.

Well, it turns out people heard Canada is looking to boost how many immigrants we take in, and they want in. After Dunja Mijatovic tweeted a news article, users were quick to reply saying they wanted to move to Canada.

“Can they manage 65 million?” one asked. “Can I come? I have a snowboard and am nice,” another wondered.

Others wanted to know if Canada needed teachers, journalists or mechanical engineers. They’re all very ready to move here and work.

People’s pleas were based on an old story about Minister of Immigration Ahmed Hussen’s year-end report in which he wrote Canada wants 1 million new immigrants by 2021. It’s making the rounds again because of the state of world affairs everywhere.

Brown Skin Girl challenge

Beyoncé has given us so much, from iconic dances, to break-up anthems, to the word “Bootylicious.”

Her latest gift could be found in The Lion King: The Gift, the appropriately titled album inspired by Disney’s live-action remake in which Queen Bey voices adult Nala. One song, “Brown Skin Girl,” features her daughter, Blue Ivy, and lyrics celebrating “pretty dark skin.” Naomi Campbell, Kelly Rowland and Lupita Nyong’o are name-dropped in the song, but it’s a video of orphans dancing to the track in Nigeria that’s captured the hearts of millions.

The video, viewed more than 1 million times on Twitter, was originally posted by the Dream Catchers Dance Academy.

The Teletubbies’ new sun baby

A viral photo was quickly debunked by the official Teletubbies Twitter account this week.

At first, an account lamented the fact that the original Teletubbies sun baby had a baby of her own ...

But the official account for the children’s show clarified that the adult in the viral pic is the original Sun Baby, Jess Smith, and she’s holding the new Sun Baby, Berry.

First of all, yes, the series is still on. But it was on a 14-year hiatus starting in 2001, until it was rebooted in 2015.

Second, remember when Tinky Winky was the most controversial pop-culture icon of the late ‘90s? Conspiracists suggested the purple creature was a man holding a woman’s purse, and his triangle antenna was a gay pride symbol, thereby brainwashing kids into being gay? What a time.

Anyway, The Teletubbies are still on, and they have a new Sun Baby.

Keanu Reeves remains perfect

Tales of Canadian actor Keanu Reeves’ niceness can fill volumes.

The possible Time Person of the Year was praised last month after photos of him throughout the years revealed he never touches women’s backs when posing for photos with them.

This week, while shooting the third Bill and Ted film in Louisiana, the actor noticed a sign on a fan’s lawn that read: “You’re breathtaking.”

The message was a reference to another viral moment from June in which a fan shouted the phrase at him from the audience, according to People Magazine.

The actor left a message on the sign that read: “Stacey, you’re breathtaking.”

He then posed for photos with the fan and her children.

Nicest guy ever.

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