The final words in the cockpit, before the PIA flight crash in Karachi

Vikash Aiyappa

Islamabad, May 23: The pilot of the ill-fated Pakistan International Airlines flight that crashed in Karachi on Friday had given a Mayday call and said that both the engines of the flight had failed.

PIA CEO, Air Vice Marshal Arshad Malik said that the pilot of the PK-8303 had told the Air Traffic Control that the plane was experiencing technical difficulties. "Both runways were available for landing but the pilot did a go-around - says the probe will be conducted to find out what exactly happened," Malilk also said.

Pakistan plane with 99 on board crashes in Karachi, at least 3 survivors

The last conversation

Pilot: PK 8303 to approach

ATC: Ji Sir

Pilot: We are to be turning left?

ATC: Confirmed

Pilot: We are proceeding direct, we have lost both the engines.

ATC: Confirm you are carrying out a belly landing?

ATC: Runway available to land on 2 5

Pilot: Roger

Pilot: Sir, Mayday, Mayday, Mayday, Pakistan 8303

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